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Moving to a new country can be a challenging emotional roller coaster ride. ReachOut project aims to raise awareness and increase accessibility to settlement services for newcomers. The project will work with long-term Vancouver residents as a channel to connect with newcomers. It is directed to help newcomers find the support that would help them settle into the city, to find meaningful connections, opportunities and to build a sense of belonging that will facilitate successful settlement and integration. The main purpose of the project is to encourage long-term residents to volunteer and pass along their knowledge of Canadian culture and Canadian services. One of the purposes of the project is also to inform long-term residents about the benefit of immigration, programs, and services available for Newcomers through settlement agencies.


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Live, work, or play in Vancouver for at least 1 year

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1.  Where can I get more information about this project?

Access  https://www.mosaicbc.org/reachout to read more about the ReachOut initiative, get to know some immigrants success stories and get inspired.


2. What is expected from a Community Navigator?

Community Navigators will commit to a  4-hour Community navigator volunteer training offered by the ReachOut partner organizations. Community will be provided with appropriate training and be supported by their respective home organization that is part of the ReachOut Project. Navigators Upon the completion of training*, community navigators will reach out and deliver a minimum of 6 counts of presentations and/or awareness-raising activities for groups of newcomers in their respective social circles (i.e. neighborhood, clubs, faith groups, schools, workplaces, online social groups, etc.). Ongoing check-ins and informal progress reports are expected.

*Successful Criminal Records are required from all volunteers.


3. Why newcomers are important for the Canadian economy?

Newcomers play a very important role in ensuring that Canada’s population and labor force continue to grow and Canadian economy is able to maintain its steady growth.


4. What are the benefits of this project?

This project will connect the newcomers to the services provided by different agencies which would eventually help them in settling down in Canadian society.


5. How long do I need to commit to the project?

If you register to be a volunteer, the minimum you have to commit is 3 months.

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